Tyre Guide

The current legal limit is 1.6mm tread over the central 3/4 of the tyre in a continuous band, around the entire circumference of the tyre. RoSPA recommends tyre replacement at 3mm - your tyre is approximately 78% worn.

How do I find out my Tyre Size?

Using our diagram below we can demonstrate that a tyre has a unique code printed onto the outer surface, mainly made up of 3 sets of numbers.

Tyre Size Guide


The tyre width in millimetres. This is the part of the tyre that contains the tread.


The profile is the height of the Tyre sidewall as a percentage % of the tyre width. E.G: Sports tyres tend to have a low profile, giving more traction to the vehicle.


The diameter of the inner rim in inches. Generally medium sized family cars have sizes between 14" and 16".

Tyre Tread Guide

Tyre Tread Guide
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